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If this does not get the Italian authorities off your back then speak to a online lawyer (class actions are possible in coupon Italy now -and I know a good firm of lawyers too!).
Other updates follow, but most of what you need senza to know is in Section. .
Section 2 below is merely supporting information which may or may not prove useful With thanks to Al who has been throwing lots of information and documents at me recently I hope Ive managed to summarise the situation succinctly, and, more to the point, accurately.
But the penalty notice concorso sent by registered post is the important coupon one, so if it arrives after 210 days you can reject it as denying you the option of a hearing within a reasonable time.
I responsabili della C S Credit Management Ag di Küsnacht, contattati sulla questione e messi di fronte alla legge secondo la quale il termine ultimo di notifica è 360 giorni dopo laccertamento dellinfrazione, hanno spiegato che per accertamento generale si intende dellidentità del possessore della targa.That too is incompatible with the echr, under which as in most western-style democracies the accused is presumed innocent until proved guilty.Write to the agency which sent the notification in an attempt to carry out a form of informal appeal. .There are now three sections: Section 1 the Important need to know stuff read this if you have received a notification of fine or a fine.To fuoco cut a long story short, foreign drivers who have received fine notifications beyond the 360 period can write and request that the fine, or fines, be annulled.This period is 5 years from attack the date assistente of the offence was committed, as far as both Al, who has been reading up on this, and I am aware.Please contact your service provider for more details.If anyone has had experience of this, please let us know in a comment.Also this article: (attempt from Milan to recover fines in Ticino) online Excerpt : Errore che riguarderebbe i termini di notifica allestero (dallItalia) delle violazioni del Codice della strada.Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu jest jednym z najlepszych ośrodków akademickich w Polsce.What happens: You receive a notification of fine the notice of payment before official notification from a fine collection agency for some infraction or other which you allegedly committed while in Italy.

This might cause the fine or fines to be cancelled or reduced.
It seems you cattedra are allowed 60 days from receiving a fine to pay up or appeal, so you difesa could email or fax in your own language on the 59th day from receiving a penalty notice in Italian (or an incorrect own-language translation containing bad grammar.
3 Everyone charged with a criminal offence has the following minimum online rights: (a) to be informed area promptly, in a language which attack he understands and in detail, of the nature and cause of the accusation difesa against him; (b) to have concorsi adequate difesa time and facilities for the.
201,1 Notificazione delle violazioni.Time limits Note first, and as I mentioned at the start of this section, the time the Italian authorities have to send out fines is changing but concorso one crucial aspect is not the statutory time limit which is the length of time which passes before.I inps certainly wouldnt even think of using the appeals procedure, for which you have to deposit twice the initial fine!Thus an authority has no right to collect a penalty unless the accusation has been proved.C S Credit Management Ag di Küsnacht appear to adhere to the interpretation of the word accertamento as referring marina to the date online that the drivers identity has been established, not, the date of the infraction. .Have a look at this more recent post: Speed Cameras in Italy It will help you to know what you need to look out for and where the cameras are.

(For instance the day a ZTL traffic camera took a beautiful picture of your license plate).
Corrections received from reader Al thanks, Al!
Section 2, general background on the issue of receiving fines for driving offences committed in Italy read this information if you wish to go the whole operator hog and pay a lawyer.