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Testi/Bibliografia, lampel J, Jamal Shamsie, and Theresa Lant (2005).
Università degli concorsi Studi di Urbino Carlo Bo / Portale Web di Ateneo.
Analyze codice organizational issues special to cultural organizations.
It concorsi is important that everyone contributes to class discussion.
The Business of Culture: Strategic zaful Perspectives on Entertainment and Media, online Lawrence-Erlbaum, reading area package, case concorsi study package, metodi didattici.Rimuovi, versione solo testo - Camera di commercio di Alessandria, Torna alla versione grafica.Illustrate competencies and practices germane concorsi to the cultural industries.Se vuoi saperne di più o negare concorsi il sarenza consenso a tutti o ad alcuni cookie clicca qui.

Link ad altre eventuali informazioni vueling Orario di ricevimento, consulta il sito web di, simone Ferriani.
Apply basic strategy analysis sconto to real-life business cases.
Learning will come from each student trying to understand the europe conceptual issues addressed by feelunique the sconto readings, and being critical with codice respect to the problems raised by the case codice studies.Questo sito utilizza cookie per inviarti informazioni sulla nostra organizzazione in linea con i tuoi interessi/le tue preferenze e cookie di analisi statistica di terze parti anche per fini non vueling tecnici.A short guide on how to write a case analysis will be provided by the instructor at the beginning of the course.Final exam, strumenti a supporto sconto della wizzair didattica, the course will employ various forms of teaching and learning and techniques, including lectures; team based exercises; project work; analysis of feature films as well as insights from guest speakers with industry experience.It will be based either on a mini-case analysis or a test with open-ended questions.