Borderlands pre sequel viral marketer

Hyperion Logans Gun Drop Location : Red Text Effect marketer : Always incendiary Rounds explode once upon contact but continue traveling if they havent struck an inert surface.
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The Viral Marketer is obtained randomly from codice any suitable loot source.
Texas Striker is a Level-50 sconto shotty has 17467 base damage codice and.7 accuracy.Tediore sconto Shooterang Drop Location : Grinder Red Text Effect : When reloaded, you thrown the gun and it viral bounces around while shooting until infoclip it disappears.You can use this mega-thread about Prefixes borderlands in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.This weapon explodes like a grenade during codice reloads.Dahl Cat o Nine sequel Tails Drop Location : Grinder and Vendor Red Text Effect : Laser splits into 6 or 9 smaller beams and then bounces off once.Viral Marketer - Borderlands Legendary Shotgun.People will find scarpe it somewhat like Bitch from Borderlands.KerBoom cant score critical hit.React Blowfly is a Level-50 Pistol has 1951 base damage and.3 accuracy.Deep Major Tom is a Level-50 AR with 19823 base damage and.6 accuracy.This weapon should be used against enemies with strong shields due to its.0 electrocute chance and.7 electrocute damage per second.

Jakobs Skullmasher Drop sconto Location : Found in Regolith Range and dropped from Nel, Call him a sconto Dick.
It has viral a clip size of 24 and reloads.7 seconds.
The Viral sconto Marketer sconto is a, legendary weapon in Borderlands the Pre-Sequel.
Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: Lol check this out guys codice Always corrosive.Bolshy Longnail is a Level-50 SR has 2987 base damage borderlands and.1 sconto accuracy.Tediore Lighter Drop sconto Location : Stantons Liver, Vendor and Grinder Red Text Effect : Always shock Consumes 5 ammo slowfarma per shot marketer with slow fire slowfarma sconto rate.Sniper Rifles Dahl Pitchfork Drop Location : Red Text Effect : Fires 5 horizontal shots in a line, shaped in a V pattern by consuming 2 ammo per shot.This weapon consumes 2 ammo per shot and has.0 freezing chance and 939.1 roma cryo-damage.The Black Market is run.It has a clip size of 29 and reloads.5 seconds.Cat o Nine Tails is a Level-25 LR has 77 base damage and.1 accuracy.